Dedication ...

I dedicate this website to my daughters,
Jessica and Natalie.
Their love inspired me to create it and I will always be grateful.

To my husband Ben,
for his unconditional love and for always being there for me.

To my Mom (Mami),
who taught me patience and kindness.
Her love and strength brightened my path
and helped me discover the secrets of a happy life.

To my Dad (Papi), and my Parents in Law (Aaron and Bebe) - who are no longer with us but taught me many great lessons. To my brothers (George, Henry and Hermann), my nieces and nephews and all my friends. I have learned a lot from all, thank you.
I love you!

To my nephew Hermann Franz Braddock who passed away on November 2008 at the age of 18 after battling liver cancer for a long while. He's a very strong soul. You are my inspiration!

To my students, their energy and enthusiasm are contagious.
Thank you for your patience.

To all the teenagers searching for answers,
trying to make sense of what this world is all about
and struggling to find their purpose in life.
I hope that these pages can provide you with some of those answers and inspire you to never give up, to continue searching for the truth and meaning in your life, to find ways to achieve your goals and dreams and to learn to make your life happy... It's all up to you!

Watercolors (florals) are by Dale Perkins (

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