Discover your talents ...
Yes, we all have them. We all have some amazing talents; but sometimes we need a little motivation and encouragement to discover them.

Try your best to recognize your interests and talents and do something good with them. When you discover and pursue what you love (your passion), you will give your spirits a boost and feel happier and energized. I know we all feel a little lost at times and it's O.K. We are not sure what we want to do with our lives, what we want to become ... You may need some time -or many years- to find out and make decisions. But, don't worry, little by little you'll discover your strengths and qualities; you'll discover what you are really good at. Then, you can try to use these talents in some way to improve your life. (Please check, she offers some wonderful advice and mentions names of great authors who have written some very helpful books to teach us about finding our life's passion.)

Even if you end up working in a pizza store or a fast food place; keep dreaming and knowing that everything you do teaches you a lesson and these are all ways to guide you to a better tomorrow. I'm not trying to say that it is not good to work in these places - I learned some of my greatest lessons working in one (and learned to make very good pizza too!) and I truly loved it, but I didn't want to stay there forever. I'm a dreamer, always planning for something else in the future.

Check the sections: "Achieve your Dreams" and "Work and Hobbies". There I talk about the challenge of finding what we like to do in our lives in order to learn to accomplish our goals and dreams. Whatever you decide to do is fine, as long as you have good intentions and don't hurt others in your learning process. But if you follow your true calling, you will be happier and more at peace with yourself. Ask yourself: What are my dreams for my life? And write down the answers; it really helps to see things in writing. And keep believing that they'll become a reality.

I recently learned more about the life of a very respected man in Philadelphia's City Government who just passed away - his name was Thacher Longstreth (Councilman). He used to say:
"Always be kind and true; do good, have fun and don't hurt anyone along the way" (that was his maxim). We have to learn to take responsibility for our actions and know that whatever we do affects others (and ourselves) in a positive or negative way. We create our own reality. We have to ask ourselves: "Is what I'm doing right now making my life better?" "Am I enjoying this experience or is it giving me too much grief - causing me undue stress and aggravation?" "Can I improve my present situation?" "What can I do to change my present situation?" Take time to think about your life and try your best to make the necessary changes. You can do anything you set your mind to do!

Lynda Carter visited Philadelphia recently and her advice to children and young adults is: 
"Find your passion in life. Follow this passion and one day you can make a living doing this. And get an education, it's part of the deal!" I definitely agree with her!

Have faith and keep believing that you'll find the right people and the right resources along the way to make your dreams come true and have a better life! And if some of your dreams don't turn into reality -for whatever reason- create new ones.
Like John Lennon said: "Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans". As long as you feel good about yourself and treat others (and yourself!) with love and respect; and know deep inside -and truly believe- that you have done your best, you will be happy and you will be at peace.


What is Success?

Success is not money, fame and material wealth

Success is feeling good about yourself.

Success is discovering your best talents, skills and abilities.

Success is having peace of mind.

Success is being compassionate, understanding and kind.

Success is wanting to help and serve others.

Success is finding beauty in the world.

Success is pushing yourself to accomplish your goals.

Success is having balance in your life

Success is working hard to make your dreams come true.

Success is having loving relationships (with your family, friends, neighbors, classmates and even strangers).

Success is finding happiness in little things.

Success is having a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Success is seeing the good in every situation.

Success is finding peaceful ways to solve conflicts.

Success is trying to make a difference in the world

In the end, we will not be recognized or loved for the amount of money and things we have, but for the
kind of person we are.

Check Mary Lou Retton's book "Gateways to Happiness" (with David Bender). We have a lot to learn from her, she has accomplished many of her dreams in life; but was especially recognized for becoming the first american to win the Olympic Gold Medal in Gymnastics in 1984. She's always smiling and is a perfect example of a truly happy person (happy with herself, happy with her family, happy with her faith).

"You are as successful as you think you are, regardless of how much money you make or how many things you own."

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."

Eleanor Roosevelt

"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof."
Barbara Kingsolver

"All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts."
James Allen

"Learn to think like a winner. Think positive and visualize your strengths."
Vic Braden (American Tennis Coach)

"The beauty and mystery of this life is not in arriving at answers, but in the process of seeking."

"Finding out what you need to lead a productive and satisfying life and doing it takes the courage to overcome the fear of failure and the strength to put in a lot of hard work."
Maxine Schnall

"We create our own possibilities ..."

"Our will, our mind, is our power."

I wonder what life has in store for me
I think a painter is what I'll be
Mix the black with the white
On the canvas of live
Create the artistry
The picture is humanity...

(Part of a song from the movie "The Prince of Egypt" by Dream Works L.L.C.)

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