"When you think about it, life is actually a continuous flow with no inherent breaks. The march of time never stops and neither does the energy of life."
~ Simon Jacobson

Life is a journey. A journey full of lessons… The journey can be difficult at times and we are constantly challenged to learn the lessons of the soul: courage, patience, faith, love…

The important thing is to learn those lessons, to learn from our mistakes and to make the right choices for our life; to keep a positive attitude at all times and to always believe that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to do; and to somehow use our talents and skills for the good of humanity.

Debbie Ford said that she has come to understand that the key to fulfillment lies in finding the delicate balance between outer productivity and inner peace. Once in a while, we have to stop and think carefully about what we really want for ourselves and review our goals and dreams. Have a clear image of what we would like to accomplish. Then: it's important to create a plan - to create a plan for our lives - and to take regular, measurable actions that move us week by week, year by year closer to the fulfillment of those goals and desires.

And while it's definitely very important to take the actions that will lead us toward an inspiring future, it's equally important to go within and find the inner strength that is available to us to create a happy and fulfilling life. Always remember that our outer world is at every moment reflecting back to us the condition of our inner world.  So, your thoughts, your intentions and your actions are equally important in creating your happiness - they create your world.

Another very important lesson we have to learn in this journey is to believe in ourselves, to believe in our possibilities; so I'll leave you with the following inspirational messages:

"When you're willing to listen to your own voice and trust yourself enough to follow your heart, you encounter your true power - a power marked by courage and vulnerability. Any moment you offer a whole-hearted "Yes!" to your own truth, you are infused with the power, self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem and confidence that will give wings to the best year of your life."

~ Debbie Ford

"It is your life; so make sure you are doing what is best for you. Keep in mind that this may mean that you have to say NO to other people, as well as to certain commitments that you have already made. It is better to stay true to yourself than continue on a path that doesn't resonate with you but that may be pleasing to others. Your first obligation is to yourself."

Chuck Gallozzi (
http://www.personal-development.com/chuck/) wrote:

"Life is an adventure... Life invites us to become adventurers. It invites us to stop whining and start shinning, to stop being a victim and start being a victor. It invites us to journey on a quest to discover, uncover, and recover our potential. It invites us to become the hero in our life story by living courageously. It invites us to lead potent lives in which we make a difference by contributing and adding to life."

"To sustain our adventure, we need to make the right choices... Every crossroad we come to is a choice between following the path of adventure or the road to misery. Which will it be? As long as we awaken from our slumber, and look for the right path, we will find it. When we open our hearts, minds, and eyes to what the world offers, we allow it to flood us with riches, so remain alert."

Check the poem "Life's Journey" at:

Life is Filled…

With Possibilities
that challenge us each day
to take a chance, try something new,
see things a different way.

And it's through these special moments
that we learn to change and grow,
to explore the precious gift
of who we are and what we know.

Unless you take a chance or two,
in order to begin...
there's nothing we can hope to gain,
no prize that we can win.

For it's not until we try
that we find out
what we can do...
so don't wait until tomorrow
to discover something new!

~ Larry S. Chengges


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