Simplify your Life ...
We all complicate our lives too much some times. We own too many things, we have too many pets, we want to do too much and at times we feel overwhelmed with all the stuff we have to do and take care of - with all our responsibilities. We simply cannot handle everything! It's impossible to do everything well. So, we have to learn to organize ourselves, we have to learn to have discipline, set priorities and try to simplify our lives. Let's take life in stages: time to go to school and get an education; time to go to college or to learn a good skill so that we can get a good job one day; time to travel and have fun; time to work and get some good practical experience that we could apply in other jobs in the future; time to get married and start a family (if that's your choice and you think you are ready for this big step); etc.

Each major stage includes many other important activities (like hobbies, sports, social events, relationships, etc.) - but the different stages should have as the main focus the accomplishment of a major goal and dream. When we are in High School, of course it's very important to learn to socialize, to participate in a sport or other school activities - but not to have children at such a young age, when we are not ready to assume that important  responsibility and provide a stable family life. If we act irresponsibly and don't accomplish the goal of graduating school; our life will just get a lot harder. When we feel overwhelmed, it's easier to feel frustrated and feel like giving-up - it's easier to become weak and fall into some bad habits or become self-destructive. Try to recognize the signs of stress and do some serious thinking and reflection to try to change your situation without hurting yourself and others.

When we go to college or other type of school and work hard to acquire some good working skills, we should concentrate in that main purpose and try to be responsible in the other aspects of our lives. What's the point of getting an education or some technical or other important skills that we will use in the future and at the same time become an alcoholic or drug-addict. We can ruin our lives very quickly by making the wrong decisions. Everything we worked so hard to accomplish can be gone in a short time and it will be a lot harder to get back on track. So, think carefully about what you are doing to yourself and your loved ones; what you are doing to your life. Your actions have consequences - positive or negative. Think before you act, and try to simplify your life!

Things don't have to be so complicated; if you try to do the right thing and do your best; if you feel good about who you are and believe in yourself; if you take things calmly and learn to be patient; if you have a positive attitude and learn to be optimistic - life will become easier and you will accomplish your goals and dreams.

I read something recently that caught my attention:
"your life is before you, you alone are the master of it." You are definitely responsible for your life, no one else. Even if you come from a dysfunctional family, you have no excuses; you can choose happiness or misery. Learn not to blame others for your situation, and take responsibility for your own life. Just try to take it easy. Do things one step at a time; slowly you will accomplish what you want. When you set your mind to do something, you will reach your goal.

I think the song "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera is great. It says something like:
"You are beautiful in every single way and words can't bring you down. No matter what they say, words won't bring us down." Unfortunately, words do bring us down many times; so we have to develop strong mental (internal) shields to ward off the bombardment of negative words and attitudes. That's why it's so important for you to believe in yourself! Believing in ourselves will make us stronger.

Try not to react so emotionally to criticism. Try not to take things so personally all the time. Analyze yourself and determine whether critical remarks by others are  justified. If they are, correct yourself. Otherwise, don't worry about it and go on with your life.


"Believe that you are bigger than your difficulties"

"Become intensely interested in something good (worthwhile)."

"Empty the mind of all unhealthy thoughts and replace them with wholesome, creative concepts."

"Always believe that you can, and you will find that YOU CAN."

"If you think you can't do something, then you can't."
(Peace Pilgrim)

"Help other people to cope with their problems and your own will be easier to cope with."

"In tough situations, never panic, always cool it ..."

"Do kind things for people - it's the best remedy to erase gloom."

"Always make today count."

"People create their own luck by the choices that they make."

"You are empowered when you no longer feel like a victim (of anything or anyone) ... then you feel free, truly free."

"We are constantly creating the conditions around us - through our thoughts." (Peace Pilgrim)

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

(Rev. Jesse Jackson)

"There is a lot of ignorance in the world ... a lot of darkness. Any positive action that you take will bring more light and dispel some of the darkness."

Oscar Arias

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