Take Control
of Your Life ...
"The hardest battle you're ever going to fight is the battle to be just you..."
Leo Buscaglia

We have the power to take control of our lives; no matter how difficult our lives have been and how much people have tried to put us down and torment us. We can choose between becoming "builders" (creators) or "destroyers" of life (ours and others). Pay attention to your beliefs, they put you where you are...

Joshua Loth Liebman ("Hope for Man" and "Peace of Mind") wrote: "The time bomb of childhood is ticking away in every human heart; it may explode and ruin only the dwelling place of the individual, or it may be powerful enough to strew wreckage over a whole neighborhood; with tyrants and dictators, the time bomb of private frustration and hate may blow up continents. It is only with true maturity and with genuine insight that we come to remove the detonating pin from the buried bomb of our early years, and through that removal become builders rather than destroyers of the life around us."

Mark Victor Hansen said: "You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own."


Always keep your many interests -
they will keep you
constantly occupied

Always keep your positive outlook -
it will give you the energy to
accomplish great things

Always keep your determination -
it will give you the ability
to succeed in meeting your goals

Always keep your excitement
about whatever you do -
it will help you to have fun

Always keep your sense of humor -
it will allow you to
make mistakes and learn from them.

Always keep your confidence -
it will allow you to take risks
and not be afraid of failure

Always keep your sensitivity -
it will help you to understand
and do something about
injustices in the world.

As you continue to grow
in your own unique, wonderful way -
always remember that
I am more proud of you
than ever before and
I love you

~ Susan Polis Schutz
(c) 1991 by Stephen Schutz and Susan Polis Schutz

Always remember that you have the power to take control of your life and to learn to be happy. You can make a difference ... you can change your world! Start by finding
inspiration in everything you do. Inspiration epitomizes positive energy: it's essential to feel happy and amazingly alive.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

"Believe that you are big enough to master any problem; that you can handle life."
Wilferd A. Peterson

"Life gives us what we expect it to give us. In other words, we get what we expect."

Laura Berman Fortgang

"We know deep inside what we need to feel happy, content, fulfilled and excited about the future."

Lucinda Bassett

Do some careful thinking and be in touch with the things that make you happy and excited about life. Also be in touch with the things that are upsetting you and causing you stress. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Take one day at a time and start working toward your goals and dreams and enjoy every step of the way. Become passionate about what you do (whatever it is), appreciate your talents and appreciate yourself! And don't keep making excuses ...

"Life is a journey ... take it one step at a time."

"The call to become more aware; to have more control over our lives; to be kind rather than unkind, or calm and forgiving rather than angry; proceeds from a recognition of our own inner potential. The duty to uplift ourselves is self-imposed, from within."
J. Donald Walters

"People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage others."

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed."

Booker T. Washington

I like the following very much, I hope you do too:

For The Next 24 Hours, I Will...

1. ...live, laugh, love and be happy. I will deliberately speak and think positive thoughts about people and events. If a negative thought enters my mind, I will visualize it leaving and will replace it with a more positive one.

2. ...look for the good in people and overlook the bad.

3. ...make time to relax my mind and body. I am thinking of a beautiful scene, a sunset, a moonlit night, the ocean, or other pleasant place and am letting the scene quiet my mind and relax my body.

4. ...remember that when I feel myself get tense and uptight about people and situations, I will take three deep breaths and then visualize the tension leaving my body as I exhale. I am recalling a happy event and am enjoying the feeling.

5. ...listen to quiet music and be still. I let it soothe my anxious spirit.

6. ...learn to be amused by my weaknesses and that of others.I won't let those weaknesses upset or distract me.

7. ...not take myself, others, or life too seriously.

8. ...remember that good health requires a healthy body and a healthy mind and I am working to improve both.

9. ...remind myself that health of body, mind and spirit is within my control.

10. ...learn to laugh and let laughter heal my spirit. Laughter is the best medicine for me.

11. ...love work (or school) and enjoy it. I will change my attitude toward work (or school) and the people with whom I come in contact so that joy will return to my life in abundance.

12. ...love others as they are, not as I want them to be.

13. ...remember that worry and fear are destructive. They rob me of happiness and joy. I am letting go of worry and fear and will trust in a power greater than myself.

14. ...count my blessings each day.

15. ...live fully, laugh heartily, relax daily, love completely and enjoy the journey.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marianne Williamson


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