I finally arrive at the last page of this website. I hope that you enjoyed it and can use some of these web pages for guidance (you can print them if you want). This was my first attempt to create a website, so it is simple in appearance. My hope is that if you ever feel that you need help, you can learn to confide in your friends, your family, a counselor, a priest or pastor, a rabbi, a teacher or some professionals that are willing to try their best to help you -people that care- and also, that you try your best to help yourself. There is a lot of good information out there, many good books and websites and many good people. Don't give up!

Always take it one day at a time. Think carefully about your choices and decisions you make. You have the power to create your life and to change your situation (whatever it is).  Don't be so hard on yourself, just try your best; but remember that whatever you choose to do will affect your life in a positive or negative way, and will also affect the lives of those around you.  So, it is important to assume responsibility for your actions. You will definitely feel better when you act responsibly and do things that you won't regret in the future; things that won't make you feel guilty and remorseful. You will feel better when you know deep inside that you did and tried your best!

And of course, we all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and try not to keep making the same ones over and over again, forgive yourself and make the commitment to become a better person, a happier, friendlier and more caring person. Try to use your better judgment and your inner guidance and take good care of yourself. Learn to accept, respect and love yourself so that it will be easier to accept, respect and love others.

Try to embrace a positive outlook on life and to assume positive attitudes. To see the good in every situation and concentrate in the good qualities of others. Yes, it is natural for people to try to put us down all the time; so we have to learn to be strong. Like I mentioned, some people feel good making others feel bad. Try not to pay attention to them - don't take things so personally, don't give your power away - don't accept their poison and don't become like them yourself; remember: "what goes around comes around". What I mean is, whatever you do in life, right or wrong, will come back to affect your life in a positive or negative way - is the law of Karma. Some people wonder why sometimes so many bad things are happening in their lives; maybe they should start reflecting on their past actions that are causing them to have all their suffering. Life is like a school, we have to learn lessons from all our good and bad experiences and try to improve ourselves.

We have to learn to respect ourselves and respect others, be considerate and understanding, be tolerant and patient, be loving and compassionate. It probably will take us our whole lifetime to learn some of these important lessons, and that's O.K. Some people never learn, because they are not willing to do it and that's their choice - so they'll suffer more in life.

I believe that when you learn to become a loving person and learn to love yourself, you'll appreciate life more and find exciting reasons to live a good life. You will truly appreciate your life, the opportunities you have, the challenges you encounter, your family, your true friends, your school, etc. You will see the good in every situation and the good in people. You will enjoy nature and animals. You will choose love over anger. You will get rid of all those negative thoughts and emotions that just create havoc in your life. You will get rid of self-defeating ideas. You will find peaceful ways to solve your problems.

Don't complicate your life so much that you become overwhelmed with problems and responsibilities you cannot handle yet. Take it easy; set priorities and make your decisions carefully. And remember that thoughts are powerful. You can create your surroundings by the thoughts you think. Pay attention to your thoughts and embrace positive ones. Believe, that whatever you want will become a reality, BELIEVE!

Try to find some good people to guide you and give you a good example, people that can teach you how to live a good life without regrets. We all have different experiences, so don't expect others to be like you all the time. Learn to laugh at yourself. Don't take life so seriously! Learn from others and do what's in your heart. I hope you believe in the power of prayer! If you do: enjoy prayer wherever and whenever you can. Give life your best! Live life to the fullest!

When you feel bad about yourself, please do some volunteer work, or visit a hospital with sick or crippled children, or a Nursing Home. I guarantee you that you'll feel better immediately. When you see some of these children or older people and their suffering, you will start appreciating your life more. Most of them don't even complain and enjoy every happy moment they can have. Like Matthew Stepanek and Christopher Reeve. They see life as a privilege; as a wonderful opportunity to teach others to appreciate life - and they are both suffering so much physically. Find solutions to your problems, keep a positive attitude and you will succeed - no matter what life throws in your path. Learn to be strong, learn to trust, learn to forgive, learn to feel good about yourself, learn to be a peaceful person...

Teenage years can be wonderful years, years of discovery, years of wonderment. It is all up to YOU! Yes, sometimes we will feel confused and lost, and not know exactly what we want to do with our lives. It's O.K. Just be patient, take it one day at a time - like I said. Slowly, you will discover who you are and who you want to be. If you remain positive and optimistic, new options, new opportunities will come your way. BELIEVE and trust yourself - you have the power to control your own life! Don't let others destroy it, don't let others drag you down with them.

I wish you all the best! May all your hopes and dreams come true. May you find love in all you do and have an open mind. May you find peace and happiness and discover the true meaning of life. May you learn to love others for who they are, without always expecting too much in return. May you learn to love and accept yourself for who you are. May you find ways to make this world a better place. With all my love ...


"You can change your life if you change your attitude"

"Before your dreams can come true, you have to have those dreams."

Dr. Joyce Brothers

"The only obstacle to man's success is the limitation of his mind."


"The purpose of life is not acquisition but unfoldment and personal development."
Eric Butterworth

"When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."
Helen Keller

"It doesn't matter how long you live but HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIVE."

I dedicate this poem to all of you who need a friend to listen:

I'll Be There

If ever there's a moment
When you need a friend to listen,
If ever someone can reach out
To dry the tears that glisten,
I'll be there.

If ever you have special needs
And hope someone will see them,
If ever you have secrets
And would like a friend to free them,
I'll be there.

If you just need encouragement
To help you on the way,
If you just need a cheerful voice
To pull you through the day,
I'll be there.

If you need one who cares a lot
And thinks about you often,
If you need one who shares your hopes -
Your worries strives to soften,
I'll be there.

If you would like to be yourself
With someone who respects you,
If you need one who understands
How all of life affects you,
I'll be there.


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"The art of being is wasting no time dreaming about the rich life you may live next year, or ten years from now; it is beginning to live at your best right now... TODAY!
Wilferd A. Peterson

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