To make your work a reflection of yourself.
Put the stamp of your unique personality
in everything you do.
Pour your spirit into your task!
Make your work a reflection of your faith,
your integrity and your ideals.
It is through your work
that you express yourself
and make a contribution to humanity.
Appreciate your work!

Wilferd A. Peterson

You have the power to choose what you want to do with your life! Believe me,  I know well how hard it is to decide what to do - when there are so many possibilities and we like so many things; but we have to consider all of our opportunities as learning experiences and start concentrating in our talents. This will help us choose the kind of job that will truly make us happy and give us satisfaction.

The challenge is not easy, but it is worth it if it is going to bring us happiness and help us in the process. It doesn't matter if we change our minds many times. We may experience many different types of jobs; there are all part of our learning experiences and will help us decide what we really want to do. Try not to limit yourself, don't find excuses; just work hard and remain positive and opportunities will come to you.

Don't choose a career or a job just to please others, concentrate in what you really want and in your talents. Accept your talents and take full responsibility for their proper use. We have to try to find our "passion" - what we really like to do and truly enjoy; so that we can be passionate about our work and find purpose in our dealings with people - and the world in general. Even if a job is not what we really want to do for the rest of our lives, let's see each experience with positive eyes; as an opportunity to learn and grow. We can become better persons, learn to deal with others better, learn patience and maybe even learn new skills - that could be very useful in the future.

We have to find "passion" in what we do and in our life! Carolyn Hax (from The Philadelphia Inquirer) writes: "If having more cash than purpose were a good thing, there'd be nothing for tabloids to print."  You have to find a life of purpose for you! Living through other people won't work. Think of what moves you and excites you; what are you good at? Take your time to think carefully about your options. You have a blank sheet to fill and the rest of your life to fill it."

Please check the book "What Should I Do With My Life?" by Po Bronson. He was in the Oprah Winfrey Show and has wonderful insights (check for more information).

We all have our doubts, sometimes we are not sure what we really want in our lives, what will really make us happy. So take it one day at a time. First concentrate in your school work and finish High School; while you are in High School start trying to discover your true talents, what you are really good at and try different things. You can get a job during you summer vacation and start getting more ideas as to what type of job you would like to have in the future. My advice is: whatever you choose to do and whatever job you choose to have; your work should NEVER become your whole life. There are many possibilities - challenge yourself!  So many things to discover, so many relationships to pursue, that work should never be our whole world.
But whatever you choose, find happiness and pleasure in your work; concentrate in the good things and don't complain too much. Complaining too much just leads to frustration and unhappiness; it drains our energy - and besides, who wants to hear us complain so much? Every job is a learning experience. Learn from each experience and then move on when you decide that you want to try something else - when you are ready to expand your horizons. And above all: KEEP DREAMING - NEVER STOP DREAMING! Better opportunities will always come, as long as you have faith and believe in yourself and your potential.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you feel good about what you do, about your work, about your talents.

Eric Butterworth said: "If we are not happy with our work, we need to check up on ourselves, the way we are working, and the attitudes we are holding toward our work." (From "Life is For Loving" - Copyright 1973)

Jim Dreaver writes in his book "The Way of Harmony": "Most people find their main sense of identity through their work. Work builds self-esteem, for both men and women. However, to rely on your work for your identity, for your sense of who you are, is a mistake. As long as your identity depends on what you do - rather than who you are, true inner peace and happiness will always elude you. If you lose your job, you lose yourself - or, at least, a major part of yourself; you'll be in danger of being overwhelmed with feelings of alienation, fear, and depression. Work should become a true expression of who you are - a vital, necessary, and life-sustaining expression - but should not be who you are." Please check his website:

Learn to balance everything in your life and set priorities. BALANCE and moderation are always important! If a job becomes so stressful that you feel that it is draining all of your energy and causing you an excessive amount of stress; if a job is making you sick or depressed or so irritable that people around you can't stand you; if you hate going to work - you definitely should consider making some changes. Move on (find another job) or change your present circumstances if you can, but never let a job affect your life in such a negative way that you lose sight of what is REALLY IMPORTANT. No job is that important - you can always find something better. I know how hard it is to be positive all the time; but you have to try it if you want things to change for the better in your life. Being miserable and afraid won't help any situation.
Don't let you work become an escape from yourself... Some people bury themselves in work to try to avoid dealing with themselves or with bad situations in their lives (like family or relationship problems). Work can become an addiction too.

Jim Dreaver also writes: "If there really is something you don't like about your work - or any other situation - find a way to change it. It's amazing what you can change when you set your mind to it. Above all, don't complain. Complaining only reinforces the feeling that you're a victim. It disempowers you." I completely agree with that, complaining is a very negative thing to do, it will affect us in a negative way and will just drain our energy. And the truth is - others don't want to hear our complaints. You must know how it feels when you hear people complaining all the time, it gets on your nerves and it just makes you feel bad.

We all make mistakes, and it's O.K. Don't put yourself down if you think you have made some bad choices. Just learn from those mistakes and look forward to your future. Leave the past in the past and concentrate in the present. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE ... If you develop a positive attitude good things will always happen.

Learn to have an excellent spirit! Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, give it your best effort, do a little more than you are required to do, and many rewards will come your way.

Hobbies are important too, sometimes they can help us to find out what type of work we would like to do. And even if your hobby doesn't become a job; it is good for relaxation. Hobbies give you balance. You may like to play an instrument, dance, do martial arts, do arts and crafts, etc. You may be very handy and like to fix things - be mechanically inclined. You may love to ride a bike or play a certain sport. Try to have a hobby; it will help you feel good. Even when your life is very busy, you have to find the time to do the things that you enjoy; find time for yourself, find time for your friends and loved ones, find time to play and have fun, find time to volunteer, find time to read, etc. Yes, life can be overwhelming at times; just don't take it so seriously and do your best!

"In every moment of doubt, remember to believe in yourself...!"

"If we do what we love and follow our own "soul" purpose with a high level of integrity, we will have the enormous ability to bring peace and love to ourselves and to others."

Menachem Mendel Schneerson ("Toward a Meaningful Life")

"Find a way to use your work as a vehicle for giving love to people, for really connecting with them at a heart level, and you'll always be happy and successful at what you do."

Jim Dreaver ("The Way of Harmony")

"Do work that ignites your passion and gives you the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others, and security won't be a problem. You'll be filled with love and gratitude for the opportunity to serve, and it will come back to you a thousand times."

Jim Dreaver

"When you spend your life doing what you love to do, you are nourishing your Soul. It matters not what you do, only that you love whatever you happen to do."
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

"Find joy and satisfaction in whatever you do ..."

"Value your talents and skills."

"Get involved in interesting activities."

"Take an honest look at yourself and identify what it is you really want out of life."

"Move confidently in the direction of your dreams."

"Wherever we go, we must look for new opportunities to perfect ourselves and society."

"More important than knowing what you don't like is knowing what you do like."

Lucinda Bassett

"What counts is the attitude with which you approach work."
Eric Butterworth

"Work not to make a living but to make a life."

Eric Butterworth

"Self-worth starts with feeling good about what you're doing with your life..."
Robin Newman

"The key is to just do it. You have to dive head first into it just like you would anything else in life and really want to do it. Whenever I'm asked about doing comedy, I tell those who ask me to just do what you love doing. That's really what life is about, you know. Do something you have a real passion for, and the money will follow. Plus, that way you'll live longer. I'm convinced of that!"
"Carrot Top" (Comedian)

"We can accomplish a great deal in life, if we can discipline ourselves to do one thing at a time, to do it wholeheartedly, and not to worry distractedly about all the things we'd like to accomplish, or wish we had accomplished in the past."
J. Donald Walters

"Believe in yourself and in your dreams."

"There's only one person in the whole world like you."

Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers)

"Follow your heart, your intuition ... it will lead you in the right direction."

(from a song by Jewel)

"Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a SUCCESS..."
William J. H. Boetcker

"What you are looking for is in your own heart ..."


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